BitOasis Update on Rising Digital Assets and Blockchain Adoption in the UAE and GCC

Earlier today the popular Crypto Exchange in UAE (BitOasis) published a clarification on twitter confirming the limitation for accepting new people and catching up with the ongoing demand of cryptos, they also mentioned and clarified that its not BitOasis who is having issues with issuing payments to ENBD, Mashreq and Noor Bank, in their tweet they mentioned that all the exchange which are operating in UAE can’t use these bank as they introduced the policy of Holding the amount for the individuals dealing with Blockchain based trading platforms.

They also mentioned the source which made a major hype on Media about Bitcoin investors angry after BitOasis disables transfers,


Note: There is also an Unconfirmed source of BitOasis lifting the hold from the signups as more and more people want to join the platform on 21st January from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC Time. to enter the crypto world, we will update our readers as soon as we get a legit source for this news.

Written by Sheikh Mohammad Bilal

Hey, My name is Sheikh Mohammad Bilal, I am an Internet Entrepreneur & the Founder of CryptoNews, I started my Cryptofolio about 7 months ago and was so amazed, Ultimately having a thought of sharing our views with the people of UAE and educate them more about Cryptocurrencies in UAE, I am an award winning blogger and proud owner of

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