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How to Buy Altcoins with Ethereum in United Arab Emirates

A Complete Beginner’s Guide on How to Buy Altcoins on Binance with ETH

If you’re asking how to buy AltCoins in UAE, it is possible now to buy altcoins with Ethereum (or BTC). First you would need to buy Ethereum (or BTC) of course, for a complete guide on that, read “How to Buy Ethereum in Dubai”. In this article, we will demonstrate the trade using Ethereum, seeing as it has one of the lowest withdrawal charges on BitOasis as well as one of the fastest transfers through their innovative blockchain technology. Now that you have successfully purchased your Ethereum and are the proud owner of Ethers (ETH) from BitOasis if you still haven’t you can follow the guide here for how to buy Bitcoin or Etherium in the Middle East, you can very easily transfer them to other exchanges where you can trade them for other Altcoins that are on the come up and have proven to be incredibly profitable. In this guide, we will show you how to Buy Altcoins on Binance by trading them for ETH. For a complete comparison on Binance and Bittrex, stay tuned for our upcoming article from a user’s perspective. If you wish to use Changelly, they also offer bitcoin and many other cryptos such as Ether and Ripple.

  • To start off, sign in to your BitOasis account, and head to the trading exchange platform through the trading exchange tab on the left, or the “Ethereum is now available…” ad on the bottom.
  • Once you’re on the trading exchange’s page, switch to the ETH-AED page from the button on the top left side of the page.
  • To withdraw your previously purchased ETH, press on the Withdrawal ⬆️ button, and choose ‘Withdraw ETH’
  • Head over to your Binance account and navigate to the ‘Deposits Withdrawals’ page.
  • Find your Ethereum wallet through the search bar and press on Deposit and copy your ethereum wallet address.
  • Copy this address into the BitOasis withdrawal page, populate the number of Ethers you wish to transfer and hit withdraw.
  • As mentioned in the How to Buy Ethereum article, Ethereum has low transfer charges and is a good option when trying to get some money over to exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance to trade Altcoins. Notice that the withdrawal fee is merely 0.01 ETH ?

Now you can easily trade your ETH for other coins supported by Binance. Get to trading, we know you can’t wait to become a Crypto-Millionaire.?

Written by Ismail Yassin

Co-founder of Crypto News and future Crypto-Millionaire with the intention of bringing all the beginner traders, just like him not too long ago, along on the ride. Hop on the crypto-bandwagon and H.O.D.L!

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