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Stellar the new Ripple?

Is Stellar going to replace Ripple as the strongest Altcoin?

So for those that have heard the news of Ripple’s recent bubble, you might have also heard of how the team at Ripple have split, each dabbling in their own ventures. Some of the founding team members have joined forces and created a separate entity Stellar with its own cryptocurrency named Stellar Lumens, XLM in short.

Stellar is a non-profit organization providing an infrastructure based on an open-source technology just like Ripple and Bitcoin, providing swift asset transfers from remittances to micro-payments. According to their website, transactions are resolved in a maximum of 5 seconds on the decentralized network of Stellar. Currently they already have live payments worldwide reaching all the way to Asia, and soon Africa. Stellar has been quite successful at acquiring new partners with their incentives in stellar lumens, promoting co-growth.

Furthermore, with their recent partnership with industry giants such as IBM and Remitr, stellar has jumped in ranks among the other currencies. Stellar is also said to have a much more decentralized structure, with validators across the world now that they have IBM backing them. Soon they will roll out cross-border payments and the valuation of Stellar Lumens (XLM) is expected to skyrocket! ?

Written by Ismail Yassin

Co-founder of Crypto News and future Crypto-Millionaire with the intention of bringing all the beginner traders, just like him not too long ago, along on the ride. Hop on the crypto-bandwagon and H.O.D.L!

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